In December 2010, following the review of the College Model by a panel of international experts, Council accepted an implementation plan for College Reorganisation based on the recommendations in the review report.

The objectives of the College Reorganisation are to achieve both structural and functional efficiency, streamline decision-making and better enable academics to focus on research, teaching and scholarly matters. This will assist to bring UKZN in line with best international practice and modern trends in high impact, efficient and competitive higher education institutions in order to realise its vision and mission.

Simplifying & Streamlining for Success

At this stage, the first stage of the Change Cycle, the millipede is pre-occupied with loss – the loss of his comfort zone.  With the introduction of change, something new, the millipede is left feeling fearful; thinking cautious thoughts and behaving in a paralysed way... read more

Stage 1 - Loss

At this stage, the second stage of the Change Cycle, the millipede will be focused on doubt, doubting the success of the change.  The millipede will feel resentful, think very sceptical thoughts and start to resist the change in any way possible... read more 
Stage 2 - Doubt

At this stage, the third stage of the Change Cycle, the millipede becomes consumed by the discomfort of the change.  It just feels awkward and uncomfortable.  As such, the millipede will feel anxious; his thoughts will be confused and his behaviour will be very more
Stage 3 - Discomfort

By this stage, the fourth stage of the Change Cycle, the millipede takes on a whole new demeanour and enters an exciting and interesting phase of the change process – the phase of discovery.  The millipede begins to feel anticipation, think creative thoughts and behave in an energized more
Stage 4 - Discovery

At last this stage, the fifth stage of the Change Cycle, is achieved.  This stage is the pinnacle of the change journey.  It is like reaching the summit of a great mountain.  The millipede will feel confident, have pragmatic thoughts and achieve high levels of more
Stage 5 - Understanding

The final stage, the sixth stage of the Change Cycle, is the end of the change process.  At this stage the millipede is focussed on integration – making the change a permanent part of his life.  The millipede will feel satisfied, think very focused thoughts and act very generously to more
Stage 6 - Integration

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